Power Flushing

RCB Plumbing have power flushed so many heating systems they have developed their own specialist method for power flushing to cater for all types and ages of heating systems.

Due to the aggressive hard water environment surrounding many of our clients, heating systems in the locality are even more prone to getting blocked with lime scale and magnetite sludge, especially as they age over time.

How to tell if you need a Powerflush

There are some clearly identifiable symptoms of a heating system in need of a Powerflush! Let’s start with the most common ones: the radiator has cold spots; is cold at its bottom or has a reduced heating output. Valves or pipes may be blocked with limescale or sludge, and the boiler may actually cut out.

Harder to ignore symptoms include loud noises (like a banging sound) coming from your boiler, or a noisier than normal boiler or pump. Watch out for leaking radiators or valves too.

The Advantages of a power flushing

As only right and properthat RCB Plumbing have developed our own specialist solution for power flushing!

  • Lowers your fuel costs by as much as a quarter
  • Makes your central heating system more efficient, partly by removing sludge
  • Say hello to a quieter boiler, and goodbye to the build-up of hydrogen gases (which subsequently cause radiator corrosion)
  • Quicker heat up times, partly helped by a cleanse of the whole system (extending to floor pipe work)

How RCB Plumbing can help…

We connect our high velocity, high volume, pressurised power flushing pump to your heating system in the most practical way possible, across standard circulator pump couplings, for example, or sometimes across the tails of one radiator.

With the pump in place, specialist chemicals then get to work to loosen and strip away deposits, ensuring that even the most stubborn coatings are removed before being completely flushed out of your system. At RCB Plumbing, we like to tailor our solutions to a client’s personal requirements. Little surprise, then, that the chemicals used in the fernox flushing pump will depend on your system’s individual specifications!

When the need arises…

Loud banging noises coming from your pump, boiler or boiler room can be more than just a tad irritating. So in the event that you need urgent assistance from a highly experienced engineer, available by calling us FREE on 0208 2617499.