RCB Boiler Service

RCB Plumbing are a Central Heating and Plumbing business, specialising in the checking, servicing and installation of gas appliances and boilers across Surrey and South London

When to check your gas boiler

As we regularly attend to boilers for home owners, landlords and other business owners, we know why it is that ALL gas appliances should be serviced every year, especially once a boiler is a few years old and particularly if a boiler has an open flue.

Even if it appears to be working well, a gas boiler may still have hidden faults, meaning it could be potentially dangerous to you, your family, your staff or your tenants.

Installation, checking and service

We can also:

  • Repair boiler faults or breakdowns
  • Design, supply and fit a new boiler (most types and most brands) that is best for you
  • Offer very competitive rates on boiler repairs/servicing, replacement and installation
  • Provide landlord Gas Safety Certificates 

After our skilled and experienced engineers have installed, checked or serviced your gas appliance(s), they will issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate (GSC).


  • Is proof that the appliance is safe to use
  • Is proof that the appliance/work meets the very latest safety standards
  • States the date that the appliance needs its next service

Gas safety certificates for landlords

Without an inspection by one of our boiler technicians or engineers, you COULD be putting yourself at potential danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. But without issuing tenants with an up-to-date GSC, landlords ARE breaking the law.

As RCB Plumbing provides a 12-month ‘no-quibble’ guarantee on all work we carry out, landlords have another good reason to certify that all appliances have been serviced according to the latest gas safety standards

And here’s another 5 reasons why you should maintain your boiler regularly:

  • Using LESS gas sees you keep MORE of your money
  • Replacing boilers or boiler parts can be avoided, thereby extending your boiler’s lifetime
  • Boiler breakdowns can prove inconvenient, potentially costly too
  • Play your part as a homeowner or business by reducing your C02 emissions
  • An inspection by RCB will throw up any faults before they become dangerous or gas leaks