Unvented Hot Water Systems by Megaflow

If it says ‘Megaflow,’ then you have perhaps the best-known brand of unvented hot water cylinder and the best–recognised for quality.

The Advantages

  • No-fuss installation – our engineers find set up both quick and neat!
  • Impressive flow rates, with a fast hot water delivery rate of up to 72I/min – ideal if you want a fast-filling bath!
  • Say goodbye to your old loud cistern, thanks to a quieter mains pressure system!
  • Say hello to faster recovery rates and main feeds hygienic hot water!
  • Rely on balanced water pressure, and melt away fears of frozen loft pipes!
  • Helpful for long-term costs, thanks to a resistant Duplex stainless steel shell!

True or False?

  • Unvented hot water systems are energy efficient’
    True: In terms of recovery times and insulation levels, unvented hot water cylinders exceed the Energy Efficient Partnership’s Best Practice. The result? The system heats up quickly and the water temperature is retained, efficiently.

  • ‘I can’t use Megaflow with solar heating’
    False: There really is perfect compatibility here, because Megatech Solar domestic hot water cylinders based on Megaflow HE technology, were specifically designed for Solar applications.

  • ‘Anyone can install an unvented hot water system’
    False: By law and under the Building regulations, only appropriately qualified engineers can work on unvented hot water installations. RCB Plumbing clients have piece of mind, because ALL our work covered by the regs is notified to Gas Safe.

Building Regulations

It is law that only suitably qualified engineers work on unvented hot water installations. All our work which falls under the Building Regulkations is notified to 
Gas Safe

Hot Water Storage Capacity

Types of PropertyDirectIndirect
Bedsit (1 bath/showers)70 Litres70 Litres
1 Bed House (1 baths/showers)125 Litres125 Litres
2 Bed House (1 baths/showers)125 Litres 145 Litres
3 Bed House (1 baths/showers)145 Litres210 Litres 
4 Bed House (1 baths/showers)170 Litres 210 Litres 
4/5 Bed House (2 baths/showers)210 Litres 250 Litres
4/5 Bed House (3 baths/showers)250 Litres300 Litres